About us

What is the main target and identity of the Corinthia Animal Rescue? (C.A.R.)

Fauna is all of the animal life present in a particular region or time. The corresponding term for plants is flora. Flora, fauna and other forms of life such as fungi are collectively referred to as biota. Urban wildlife is wildlife that can live or thrive in urban environments. Some species or populations may become entirely dependent on humans.

Corinthia Animal Rescue is a local, non-profit, animal welfare organisation based in Corinth and running since 2013. Its registered charity number is 1591.

Our main goals are:

The application of the current legislation.

Raise the awareness of society and especially children and
To rescue as many animals as possible from the streets or from abuse.
All of the pet animals that have been abandoned in urban areas by irresponsible owners, reproduce and end up creating problems for some of our fellow citizens. Unfortunately, many of them are trying various illegal ways to get rid of them. The big challenge so, is to change people’s attitudes towards animal and environmental issues.

Rescue as many animals as possible from the streets or from abuse:

Our main concern is feeding, treating the sick and injured, sterilizing and finding responsible people to adopt street animals. Our few volunteers – members, in addition to feeding and caring for many dozens of strays, become daily recipients of many cases of injured, poisoned, abused, abandoned animals.

It is clear that the local community has demands from an animal welfare association. At the same time, however, it is clear that no animal welfare group can deal with all these incidents through its own resources.

Each of us must help as much as we can. We want to make clear that, the “animal-friendly” phone call might relieve consciences but keep loading incidents on a few who run a lot and is neither a solution nor a responsible attitude to the problem.

It is mainly involved in rescuing, taking care of and offering pets a safe home, until they get adopted. C.A.R., is consisted of a group of people whose main aim is to improve the living conditions of all the stray animals, as well as anything concerning the protection of the environment. Our first concern may be the care of countless stray pets that are surviving in Corinth, but the leading purpose of the organisation is, as more members and volunteers are joining, to cover a wider range of activities – such as ensuring the wellbeing of all pets and wildlife as well as the protection of the environment.
Application of the current legislation:
Our empirical observations over the years have led us to the safe conclusion that while the law is theoretically straight forward towards animal rights and environmental protection (of course there is still room for improvement), the authorities do not practically implement it.
C.A.R. is using all its resources in order to push for the implementation of the law by working with the local authorities in order to deal with the problems in practice.
Raise the awareness of society and especially children:
With actions, such as school visits, workshops, events, but also using all mass and social Media, we would like to raise awareness and change our fellow citizens’ mindset towards animals.

We invite you, to support our effort any way you can!

C.A.R. is a member of P.F.P.O. and P.S.E.Z.S. It operates exclusively on a voluntary basis and does not receive financial help from any institution. Our income comes from the subscriptions of our members, from sponsorships and from the bazaars and products that bear our logo (blouses, mugs, bags, calendars, etc.)

Financial aid is not enough, but it is very important for our work. Any offer that could support our effort is welcome.

The IBAN number of our Alpha Bank account is:

GR 93 0140 5500 5500 02101 320 660.

You can also make an online deposit through our Pay Pal account at info@coprap.gr.

Finally, we do not promise that we will accomplish everything, but we do promise that we will do everything in our power to achieve all of the above goals.

For further information and/or to support C.A.R. please contact us at info@coprap.gr.