Zina – 2 years old

Boubis – 2 years old

Luna – 3 years old

Lucky – 3 years old

Daisy – 3 years old

Clio – 4 years old

Bob – 2 years old

Blacky – 2,5 years old

Sol – 3 years old

Roza – 3 years old

Before you adopt an animal:

  • Consult your veterinarian or animal welfare association in your area and if you are sure you can handle the responsibility, adopt a stray.
  • Don’t deprive a stray animal’s chance to find a home by letting your pet reproduce uncontrollably.
  • Sterilize your pets to protect them for illnesses and help them live longer.
  • Pick up after your dogs when you take them for a walk.

      And always remember:

  • Poisoning, torture, abandonment or any kind of violence towards animals is a criminal offense. Report it to the police.
  • Animals are not garbage!