Help a stray animal and discover the other side of your self, you didn’t know existed!

Do you already have a pet and are not able to adopt another? You want to help the strays but don’t know how? Now there is a way with virtual adoption!

With virtual adoption, you can become a foster parent to one or more stray animals until they find a permanent home. You can virtually adopt an animal by yourself, with your friends, your siblings, your classmates or your coworkers.

We need your help to cover the expenses for food, drugs and general medical care. You can help by offering a monthly amount of your choice for any animal you want and as long as you want to. You can also come visit them and get involved by feeding them, take them for a walk or play with them. Finally, you can always help spread the world so they will find their forever home.

If you are interested in all of the above you can fill this virtual adoption form and/or contact us!

Application form for virtual adoption